National team . . . Waimate's Holly Edmondston has been selected for the New Zealand track cycling squad for the Tokyo Olympics next year. PHOTO: MICHAEL BRADLEY/GETTY IMAGES

Holly Edmondston has overcome more obstacles in her life than most athletes.

A back injury hampered her cycling career for several seasons and she had surgery last December for endometriosis.

However, the struggles have been worth it for the Waimate cyclist who was named in the Tokyo Olympic New Zealand track cycling squad last week.

It was her determination to fight through her setbacks that helped her gain selection for the team pursuit and omnium.

“You have to show who you are, and how committed you are, and I think committing to recovering and getting better, and overcoming, is part of the reason maybe why I’m still around and getting a chance to get to the Olympics. I never thought I would ever get there – it feels unreal,” Edmondston said.

The Olympics were postponed from this year to next year due to Covid-19 and, while the situation was stressful, she could see its benefits.

While still recovering from surgery, the Cambridge-based cyclist was busting to get to the Track Cycling World Championships in March and did not allow enough time for her body to recover.

The Olympic changes allowed her stress levels to reduce and her body to heal.

“I could reflect and go would have got to the Olympics, but would I 100% have been who I wanted to be?’

“I probably wouldn’t have been, but your mental state at the time is like push through, you’ve got to get there’.

“But when the Olympics were cancelled, all my walls could come down and I could just let it be.”

Injury setbacks had been challenging and there was the odd occasion where the question “is this really what I want?” crossed her mind.

“You realise your body is just not coping … you kind of have to think commit and see it through and keep to my goals’ and you know you’ll be proud of yourself for sticking it through rather than giving up when the going gets tough.”

“[Quitting] does play on your mind a little, but when you do overcome it, and build your strength back up and go through all that hard work, almost double the hard work it would have taken – it’s a lot sweeter, I guess.”

This weekend would be her first time back competing since March, at the Cambridge three-day classic, and while she admitted she was nervous, her goals were to enjoy it and have fun.latest jordansThe world is yours – Neue Sneaker, Apparel und mehr für Kids