Wet weather has decimated the North Otago Cricket season.

Since the season started, four rounds of the Borton Cup have been washed out, as have two rounds of the Dick Hunt holiday competition and last weekend’s Hawke Cup fixture between North Otago and Southland.

The two-day representative fixture, to be held at Centennial Park, was called off early and both teams were awarded five points.

North Otago Cricket chairman Peter Cameron said washouts had an impact on the interest in the sport.

‘‘In this little area that we’re in, we are just struggling,’’ Cameron said.

The North Otago Cricket season was not usually affected by rain this much.

‘‘This is not normal,’’ he said.

The Borton Cup and Dick Hunt situations were frustrating, and some teams might not play each at all other this season, he said.

Playing catch-up matches did not work, as there were no spare Saturdays available.

‘‘That’s the draw we have for the season so if games are lost, well they’re just lost, really.’’

Junior cricket was also struggling due to weather and also Covid-19 restrictions.

Representative teams were unable to play other districts now, he said.

‘‘All the age-group teams and primary teams that would normally have quite full calendars on Sundays from now through to the end of the season, they’re now missing out as well on those fixtures.’’

If the rain holds off for tomorrow’s Borton Cup matches, Oamaru will play Glenavy, Waitaki Boys’ High School hosts Valley and Albion takes on St Kevin’s College. Union has a bye.