Rugby breaks for duck shooting


Two weekends off in three is something that doesn’t sit well with some of North Otago’s rugby clubs.

Excelsior coach Jason Forrest, Maheno coach Josh Clark and Valley captain Hamish Mckenzie would all love to see a change made to the draw so disruptions like this coud be avoided in the future.

Forrest would love to see teams play over the Easter break and allowing a break for the opening of duck shooting is something Forrest is more open to.

“I don’t mind having a break over duck shooting because 90 per cent of the Maheno and Kurow sides will go duck shooting.

“I believe the teams should get together and decide what day it is to be played over Easter, whether they want Thursday night or Friday lunchtime or even Saturday still, sides should be open to deciding.”

Valley captain Hamish McKenzie said two weekends off in three was a disruption.

“It’s a pain really. I don’t think we should be playing one game in three weeks. Something needs to be done about this.”

McKenzie would love to have game played over Easter, but the union doesn’t have sufficient lights for night games.

Maheno coach Josh Clark would prefer to play at Easter, but isn’t against the weekends off.

“Our team loves duck shooting so we would prefer it off, and I guess the town teams would maybe like to play, so there could be a way to work something out.”

In an ideal world, Clark would love it so the draw had Maheno and Kurow facing over duck shooting so they could play it at Easter then have duck shooting off, while letting the town teams have Easter off and then they play over duck shooting season.

“I think it is something which could very much work,” he said.


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