SI Masters popular


The South Island Masters Games organisers were in North End New World in Oamaru yesterday trying to sign up people to compete in this year’s event in Timaru.

The masters will take place in Timaru from October 10-19 and will feature over 50 different sports and activities for people over the age of 30 to take part in.

South Island Masters Games administrator Greg de Joux said the sign-up response from Oamaru has been fabulous.

“We are really pleased with the response we have received from the residents of Oamaru not only today with sign-up, but over the last couple of years when they have been held in Timaru.”

The South Island Masters Games alternate between Timaru and Nelson each year with Nelson hosting last years event.

The event in Timaru receives stronger support with more of the lower South Island able to attend.

“We usually have around 3000 competitors who take part in Timaru, compared to the 2000 in Nelson, just because Timaru is a more central location.”

For many years netball has proved to be the most popular sport and this year remains no different with the organisers allowing up to 90 teams to register for netball this year.

“We always have a fantastic response with netball and have also decide to bring another sport back in Softball.”

The South Island Masters Games organisers are urging Oamaruvians to register quick with 25% off registration fees if you sign up before July 1.

“We know Oamaru will get in behind the cause, they are a sporting region and always do really well, so we expect plenty of numbers from the town.”



SIGN UP: Greg de Joux and Wendy Guthrie were in Oamaru yesterday promoting this year’s South Island Masters Games in Timaru in October.

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