Sporting event offers something for everyone


The triathlon and duathlon series starting today is set to attract people from all walks of life with their off-the-couch and weekend warriors events.

Event organiser Adair Craik said triathlon was a great sport for everyone, and with events for beginners and more experienced athletes, was set to offer up a lot this year.

“We’ve had a number of people interested in lining up for both the beginners ‘off-the-couch’ version and the more adventurous campaigners wanting to do the ‘weekend warriors’.”

“We’re trying to cater for everyone, so the ‘off-the-couch’ event is suitable for children and adults, particularly adults who are wanting to experience the sport of triathlon and duathlon,” Craik said.

“The weekend warriors will see all the old crew who have had, in the opinion of some, screws loose for many years and simply love the sport of triathlon.”

The ‘off-the-couch’ event tonight would see competitors swim 100m, bike 6km and jog 2km, she said.

The events would lead up to a triathlon on March 2, she said.

The events start at 6pm tonight at the harbour and continue for two weeks.


TRIATHLON TIME: Jo and Joel Anderson run together during last year’s triathlon series.

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