Oarsome . . . Hannah Cunningham (15) at Lake Ruataniwha. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Oamaru Rowing Club crews have found success in the Canterbury rowing championships at the sun-soaked Lake Ruataniwha, near Twizel, at the weekend.

Club coaches Mike Lawrence and Owen Gould stood proud on the shores of Ruataniwha as they watched their crews battle it out.

Lawrence, coach of the Oamaru girls’ rowing crews, said the girls had a poor start, following their performances in the heats on Saturday.

After a fast win in her singles heat, Hannah Cunningham earned a memorable victory in the girls’ under-16 single sculls by nearly 20 seconds, in 8min 49.71sec.

Connie Metcalfe and Gemma Dowling set aside disappointment from their heat on Saturday to win the B final in the women’s novice double sculls, coming first by almost 30 seconds in 8min 34.51sec.

“The girls really stepped up to the mark set by the big schools and club,” Lawrence said.

Meanwhile, Gould said the boys’ crews had put in the hard work to turn out the results.

“There were a couple of second [placings] that could’ve been first but I’m really happy.”

Denzil Edwards pushes it to the limit in the under-18 single sculls. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Denzil Edwards was third in the A final in the boys’ under-16 single sculls.

He and Logan Docherty placed second in the A final in the boys’ under-17 double sculls in 7min 30.80sec.

Brady McNeill and Jack Smith were second in the A final in the men’s under-19 double sculls with a time of 7min 19.39sec.

Since training began in September, Gould said his crews were “clocking up some serious miles” with the goal to win at the New Zealand championships or to win at the Maadi Cup.

Both Lawrence and Gould believed the weekend was a good stepping-stone to help crews prepare for the Maadi event in March.

“The ultimate is to win at the New Zealand championships or to win at the Maadi Cup,” Gould said.

The Maadi Cup will be held at Lake Ruataniwha from March 19 to 25.Sports ShoesΑνδρικά Nike