Good shot . . . Waitaki Girls' Wildfire's WA Molly Hurst has been a standout this season. PHOTO: REBECCA RYAN

With the first round almost done, Oamaru Mail reporter Gus Patterson catches up with North Otago premier grade netball coaches and players to reflect on the season so far.


Position: First

Coach: Rihi Schultz

The good: “Having the same team has made it easy to build on last year. We all know each other really well and are good mates.”

Going forward: “We are looking at setting goals and play a bit more plan-focused as things get tougher.”

Star players: Petra Aspros (WA), Sarah Newlands (Defence).


Position: Second

Coach: Steve Ross

The good: “Connections are getting better and we are starting to trust each other.”

Going forward: “We have to play with more control and patience with the ball.”

Star players: Brylee Milmine (GS), Madeline Mansfield (GA) and Molly Hurst (WA).


Position: Third

Coach: Carmen Brensell

The good: “We have started to up the intensity. Last weekend was the first game we have found our full court connection.”

Going forward: “We haven’t had our full team available for most of the games and then we have had some injuries, so we are waiting to hear back on those.”

Star players: Shannon Vince (GS), captain Kat Kawau (C) and Mel Smith (GD).


Position: Fourth

Coach: Steve Ross

The good: “We are consistent and will topple someone. Taneisha Fifita will be returning from injury soon, which will be big.”

Going forward: “Have more patience getting the ball to the edge of the shooting circle.”

Star players: Megan Creedy (GK), Laura Dunshea (C), Maikale Fifita (Midcourt) and Losa Fifita (GS).


Position: Fifth

Coach: Rachel Fowler

The good: “It is quite a young team and the girls have adapted well to the 1.1 grade. We are improving as a unit.”

Going forward: “Keep building on the teamwork and communication.”

Star players: Tegan Souness (GA) and Annie Metcalfe (GS)


Position: Sixth

Coach: Anna Haugh

The good: “The team is gelling well. We only lost to Valley Gold by three goals in a game we weren’t expected to win, so that was exciting, to push them.”

Going forward: “Put the ball in the hoop. We just need to play our game. It is feeling good at the moment.”

Star players: Rebecca Stark (C) and Steph Voice (D).


Position: Seventh

Coach: Rihi Schultz

The good: “We started with a hiss and a roar, and are showing we can win quarters against every team.”

Going forward: “Find the consistency and flow to win all the quarters, rather than just one or two a game.”

Star players: Taireri Grant (GA) and Grace Firman (WD).


Position: Eighth

Coach: Tina Williamson

The good: From player Mel Lewis: “Getting some younger players playing well and taking the step up to the 1.1 grade. We are having fun.”

Going forward: “Need to start believing in ourselves and playing as one unit.”

Star players: Blayze Tisdall (C), Chantal Robertson (GK).best Running shoes brandNike