Dedicated . . . Georgie Salter helped coach Waitaki Girls' High School until the year she died. PHOTO: CAROL EDWARDS

There will never be another Georgie Salter. The legendary netball identity died at her Totara home last week. We asked North Otago netball stalwarts Deidre Senior, Abbey McKenzie and Donna Hurst to share their thoughts on a wonderful woman.

Georgie was an inspiration. She made things happen and she made others make things happen.
What Georgie didn’t know about netball, wasn’t worth knowing. She was in coaching for the love of the game and did whatever she could to make sure others enjoyed the game that she loved, and also to get the best out of people.
She was interested in and committed to the “whole” person beyond netball, and if she saw that anyone was in need (in any particular way), she would look at how she could support them, or find support for them.
She was such a vibrant person – who loved laughing and who made others laugh.
I have this vivid memory of playing for Rovers in my first year in North Otago and one of our players went down injured. There were no subs on the sideline, but a supporter – Georgie – was called on to the court. We were getting the skirt off the injured player when Georgie realised she hadn’t put any underwear on that morning! Luckily for us, she had some long johns on and so she pulled these up and took the court. We couldn’t stop laughing initially, but I can also remember the intelligent player that joined us on the court.
She achieved so much with so many different teams – from schoolgirl, to representative, to age group national teams. It didn’t matter what the level – she saw the best in people and usually got that best out on the court.
Having been a player in Southland (when Georgie was the development officer), in Otago (when she coached Otago) and North Otago (where she lived and coached) I feel that I’ve been very blessed to have known someone who I view as one of the most talented netball brains to exist.
It was an honour to have known her. I have no doubt Georgie’s legacy will continue.

I am lucky to have known Georgie most of my life as a good friend’s mum, my coach, a mentor and friend.
Georgie was someone who had a profound effect on anyone who was lucky to have crossed paths with her.
She had an incredible way of identifying talent and developing not just those with netball skills but with life skills. Anyone lucky enough to be involved in the many areas Georgie was a part of left a better person.
Georgie got things done and was incredibly hard to say “no” to – actually, it was impossible to say “no” to her.
She made things happen in our community. She made others feel good for helping or being a part of something. There was such a thing as the Georgie effect.
Whatever Georgie was involved in, she gave 100% and did nothing by halves. She certainly lived a very full life.
So many of her amazing traits I now see in her beautiful children and grandchildren.
I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her and her knowledge, and I know so many others who would be able to say the same thing.
I will forever be indebted to her and grateful for all she has done for me and my family.
I made the comment to my husband Hamish the other day: Who will I run my decisions and ideas past now?
Before he could answer, I suddenly felt she will always be there guiding me. She has left me with the confidence to go on without her. This was the incredible gift she had.
I will miss her enthusiasm, smile and big heart.

Georgie spent her life giving and teaching.
The many tributes that have flowed in show that Georgie saw the potential in us and helped us take ourselves to a greater level than we ever thought we could. She was so proud of us when we achieved our goals.
She loved to celebrate. “Work hard, play hard, work hard again” was her ethos.
She had an amazing ability to knit people together from all aspects of her life and share her knowledge and work ethic – and her hard work and passion left a legacy.
Anyone who had the privilege of being in one of Georgie’s teams knows what their next job is – to just get on and get it done.
Georgie, how do we really thank you for all that you have given?
We pick up the baton that has been handed to us and we go hard .. and then we party.jordan release dateBoots