On the ball . . . Meadowbank football player Glen Campbell dedicates his time to family, sport, music and teaching. PHOTO: TYSON YOUNG

Meadowbank football player Glen Campbell is a man who likes to keep himself busy both on and off the sports field.

Originally from Gore, he moved to Christchurch when he was 8.

“I’ve got allegiances to Southland, Canterbury and Otago, which makes it interesting when it comes time for the rugby.”

Ever since he can remember, Campbell has been an avid sports enthusiast.

Football, rugby and touch were the main sports he played when he was younger.

“I’ve always been a team sport player.”

After getting his teaching degree in 1998, he taught in many different places across New Zealand.

Campbell also spent some time in the UK, where he worked as a supply (relief) teacher at various schools across London.

In 2007, he moved to Japan, where he taught conversational English to Japanese pupils.

“I loved Japan – the culture, the food. It was a very interesting place with a mix of old and new.”

Campbell also met his wife in Japan.

Working as a teacher gave people the opportunity to go places, Campbell said.

“There were lots of great experiences. I’ve met thousands and thousands of children, and been to hundreds of schools.”

He also played for Japan in the 2011 touch world cup in Scotland.

Although he was a huge fan of football, touch was a sport that always resonated deeply with him.

“I love touch. Touch is kind of my preferred sport.”

Outside his sporting life, music has been another hobby Campbell has always been passionate about.

In his early years, he played in a band with a prominent New Zealand artist in Christchurch.

“I was in a band with Bic Runga before she became a star, which is my only claim to fame,” he joked.

After moving back to New Zealand in 2013, he assumed a teaching position at Five Forks School, where he still works.

He lives with his wife and two children in the area

Campbell joined Meadowbank United in 2014.

While the Oamaru football club has endured a tough start to the season, Campbell is confident the team will bounce back and find a measure of success this year.

“The training sessions are really good. We’re working on what we need to work on, and the players just need to keep applying that on the pitch.

“We’re kind of like the Warriors – just keep the faith.”Sports ShoesNike