Trio hangs tough to claim final win


An Oamaru team provided the greatest show on turf at a national bowls tournament in Auckland on Saturday.
The Meadowbank team of Peter Bell, Bob Wilson and Bill Kingan won the third Tiger Turf Winter League at the Epsom club after a whirlwind trip north.
“We were up and back on the same day,” Kingan said.
Tiger Turf bowls is an abbreviated form of the sport.
It features teams of three – two on the green and one substitute – and there are shot clocks and power plays to speed things along.
“They sort of call it the bowls version of T20 cricket,” Kingan said.
The Meadowbank trio had two wins and a loss in the qualifying rounds in Auckland.
In a one-sided semifinal, Meadowbank took the first set off a Hikurangi team 10-2, and the game finished when the Oamaru team was leading 5-0 after four ends of the second set.
Meadowbank trailed heading into the last end of the first set of the final, against a Wanganui team, before Bell called the power play.
Meadowbank went on to hold two shots to claim double points and take the score from 3-2 down to 6-3 up.
In the second set, Wanganui leaped to an 8-0 lead after three ends and added another shot in the fourth to level the match and force it to a one-end shootout.
Meadowbank drew the first shot in the extra end but Wanganui took the advantage back with the lead’s second bowl. The shot stayed with Wanganui until Bell’s first bowl when he drew the closest.
Wanganui’s skip tried with all three bowls to shift the bowl but was unable to do so, and the Meadowbank men took the honours.spy offersCheap Wholesale Nike Shoes,wholesale Nike Jordan Shoes,cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,wholesale China