Unique sporting occassion


Saturday evening saw one of the most unique spectacles of sport and entertainment Oamaruvians have witnessed in the Portside Punch boxing extravaganza.

The woolstore on the waterfront was transformed into a high class entertainment venue befitting the occasion and the cause.

Four hundred and fifty spectators and supporters, dressed in their finest, were treated to a display bravery, skill, grit and determination.

Twenty well-known local identities battled it out over three two minute rounds. The intensity and commitment was on display as the 12 weeks of hard work came to fruition in front of a captivated crowd.

Otago Community Hospice was the benefactor for the event. The final figure to go towards building North Otago Hospice House will be known in the coming days.

Organisers Sally Ann Donnelly, Jan Kennedy and Kate Cartwright said they were grateful to all involved in the event, notably the boxers, their families and the trainers who all gave their full commitment to the project to ensure the evening produced a  great spectacle.

Pro Box New Zealand who sanctioned the event and oversaw all the action in the ring, were incredibly impressed with the skill level of the boxers and professionalism of the event organisers with all bouts went to judge’s decision.

Mayor Gary Kircher lost out to Mike Mavor in the penultimate bout of the night but said he was pleased with the outcome of the evening.

“It was one of those events that will stand out amongst any event we’ve had,” he said.

“It had so much support and will be one to remember.”

Mr Kircher gave away 11 years in age to his opponent but did not feel that was the deciding factor.

“It wasn’t so much the age but the height. He used that well and came out quite aggressively. He came out to win.”

The ‘Night Mayor’ said the boxers had developed strong bonds throughout the 12 weeks of training and insisted all those involved should be proud of themselves and what was achieved.

“Everyone gets on really well. For a lot of us, it was a huge personal challenge. You’re very much on your own in there,” he said.

“Training like we have been has built some good bonds. It was a really great feeling and everybody should be proud of themselves.”

Portside Punch results:

Bout 1 –Chontelle ‘Strong Wind’ Watson (winner) vs ‘ Mischief’ Mel Tavendale

Bout 2 – Craig ‘Crusher’ Kingan (winner) vs Carwyn ‘the Weston Scorpion’ Williams

Bout 3 – Dean ‘Chopper’ Paterson (winner) vs Tony ‘the Master Blaster’ Dudley

Bout 4- Ryan ‘the Stag’ Fraser vs Chris ‘the Killer’ Cant (winner)

Bout 5 – Richard ‘the Papakaio Panther’ Willans (winner) vs Blair ‘Spiderman’ Brosnan

Bout 6 – Shannon ‘Hair Razor’ Parsons (winner) vs Gabrielle ‘the Galvaniser’ Docherty

Bout 7 – Jason ‘Boom Boom Shake Shake the Room’ Mavor  (winner) vs Mark ‘the Brick Wall Roney’

Bout 8 – Nick ‘Rocky’ Webster vs Mike ‘Mean Maori’ Mullins (winner)

Bout 9 – ‘Mighty’ Mike Mavor (winner) vs Gary ‘the Night Mayor’ Kircher

Bout 10 – Barry ‘the Beast’ Fox vs Gary ‘Razor’ Byrne (winner)


PHOTO: SUPPLIED – Mike ‘Mean Maori’ Mullins won the decisions over Nick ‘Rocky’ Webster.

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