Volts pass on their knowledge


Budding young cricketers from North Otago received valuable advice from Otago Volts players in Oamaru on Tuesday.

Four Volts players – Jacob Duffy, Blair Soper, Nick Baird and Michael Bracewell – held a coaching session at Oamaru Intermediate yesterday morning and then joined other Volts players for a session at Centennial Park for years 4 to 6 students from around the region.

“It offers the chance for kids to meet professional players,” said Stephan Grobler, of North Otago Cricket.

“They probably listen more to them than to me.”

Philip Martin, teacher in charge of cricket at Oamaru Intermediate, said all those with an interest in cricket at the school took part in the coaching session.

“It’s good. We’ve got some of our best cricketers, Amber Cunningham and Scott Kitto, through to some who don’t play regular cricket.

“It’s worth doing. They’re getting stuck in, learning the fundamentals.”

Otago Volt Jacob Duffy said the players did 20 half-day sessions a year.

“It’s good to get out to the schools. It’s good to get the information out to them.

“In Otago, with the Champions League success, cricket is on a new high and it has definitely lifted from last year.”

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