Waimate man takes on 1000 miles


Geoff Lienert is a big fan of The Proclaimers.

So much so he took the words of the Scottish duo’s song I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) quite literally.

Not only did Lienert walk 500 miles, he then walked 500 more.

Last week, the 72-year-old Waimate man completed his challenge of walking 10 miles (16km) a day for 100 days.

Over the course of the feat, he walked 30 vertical kilometres – three times the height of Mt Everest.

“I crashed off my bike in January, and I was in hospital for a few days,” Lienert said.

“So I thought I’d better challenge myself to get active again.

“You’ve got to have a challenge. Otherwise you just dream.”

To aid his recovery, he started walking 10km each day and when he ticked over 1000km, he changed to miles.

“I thought so I stepped it up a bit and kept going,” Mr Lienert said.

“Probably the most remarkable thing was that I did 100 days without ever getting wet.

“I just watched the weather forecast and we haven’t had much rain.”

For Lienert, walking was a slower pace than what he was used to.

Among other achievements, he has completed the Tour of Southland four times and tackled eight Kepler Challenges.

“I never used to walk, I used to run everywhere,” he said.

“It’s amazing how it gives you a different perspective.”

Lienert said he would not have been able to complete the challenge without the support of his wife Elaine.

“Most of the credit goes to her. It takes up a lot of time walking that far each day.”latest Nike SneakersAir Jordan 1 Mid “What The Multi-Color” For Sale