Women’s team in search of players


Ladies with a love of rugby may soon be able to show off their skills on the field as the development of a local women’s rugby team is progressing.

Organiser Jessie Waite said she was frustrated at the lack of opportunities to play when finishing high school in her native Taranaki and now plans to create a local team.

“There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be a women’s rugby team in North Otago,” she said.

“The high school teams are strong and there is definitely interest out there.

“I struggled in Taranaki after I left high school because there was no women’s rugby team, so I think it’s important to have that option, considering the importance of grassroots rugby in North Otago.”

Waite said that although the plans were in their initial stages, organisers were aiming to have a team competing in 2015.

“We are in the early stages of putting the team together but the North Otago Rugby Union and myself are extremely motivated to have a squad at Dunedin competition next year.”

Waite said players of all skill levels were welcome, from seasoned veterans to novices.

“We definitely aren’t just looking for those who have played before. Anyone is welcome to come along and give it a go,” she said.

“It’s not as daunting as people may think and all the necessary skills training will be provided so no one will be thrown in the deep end.”

North Otago Rugby Union CEO Colin Jackson said the establishment of a women’s team was important due to the amount of interest and junior levels.

“It’s one of the priorities of our strategic plan going forward,” he said

“A third of our junior registrations are girls. There’s around 300 girls playing rugby, so it’s important that we can offer them something after they’ve finished school.”

Interested players can email Jessie Waite at Jessie.waite@hotmail.com


 PHOTO: JAMES FORD – Jessie Waite is looking for keen female rugby players.

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