New app promoting Waitaki


People visiting the Waitaki District now have no excuse for not being able to find things or getting lost.

The new app called Explore Waitaki which is available on smartphones was created by the Waitaki Tourism Association to help them attract members to become part of their group, but to also help people find places in the Waitaki area.

Waitaki Tourism Association chairman Ralph Davies said the new app was made to help get their name out there to people.

“We want to be able to attract more members by creating the app which people can see online rather than having all this paper work to attend to, while also making sure that if people want to know where to go and how get there then they can just use the tool supplied on the app.”

It’s something which took a bit of work to make, but during the last month while it’s been up-and-running things have been pretty straight forward.

Mr Davies said the simplicity of the app should help tourists and locals.

“There are maps you can get from other places which tell you how to get to different things, but this is one step ahead, it will tell you exactly where to go and if you are travelling near-by an activity then that will come up to.

“It will also tell people what other activities are in the area how to get to them and also places to stay, eateries, and various other important land marks,” he said.

While it is too soon to tell how it’s been going, Mr Davies said they would wait until about March before checking feedback and seeing what needs to be improved, but also what has gone well and why.

Getting lost should no longer be a problem, he said.

At this stage nothing has been confirmed, but they have not ruled out working with Tourism Waitaki around the app in the future.

“It’s something that could certainly be explored we don’t think they have anything similar out at the moment and if they are planning something similar we might try work together,” he said.

The app can be downloaded for free from Playstore for Android customers and the App Store for iPhone customers.


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