Fastest motorcycle to be relaunched


The son of Burt Munro, the World’s Fastest Indian creator, will attend an official launch of the new range of Indian motorcycles in Auckland on May 29.

John Munro, the creator of the Indian motorcycle, which to this day still has the fastest ever land speed record, will attend the launch to promote the new Indian motorcycle’s 21st century version. Other family members will also be attending.

Mr Munro, who lives in Weston, said it would be an honour to attend such an event on behalf of his father.

“He would absolutely love it that the bike has been recreated in a new 21st century model. He’d be so proud.”

The recreation of the Indian motorcycle with 21st century features has been in the pipeline for some time by company Polaris.

“They are a popular bike and we wanted to get them up and running again.”

Mr Munro said while the bikes were going to be newer compared to when his father rode the bike, they wanted them to be similar to Burt Munro’s original model.

“We want it to be as close to the real one as possible; the only thing is, it will have a much bigger engine and some newer features.”

Ideally, Mr Munro wanted to unveil the bikes at the Burt Munro Challenge in Invercargill later this year, however it was decided Auckland would be the place to launch the bikes with the dealer being based there.

“I wanted to unveil them at my dad’s race. It would have meant so much to him, but unfortunately that won’t be the case.”

Wayne Alexander, who created the replica of Burt’s motorcycle for the movie, and nine-time New Zealand SuperBike Champion Andrew Stroud will attend the launch with Mr Munro.

The bike has already been launched in Australia and the United States. Mr Munro said was confident the bikes would be a hit.

“They still feature the same logo from his original bikes and obviously with what he did, I’m sure there will be people wanting to buy a bike.”

The original Burt Munro motorcycle currently sits on display at E.Hayes & Sons in Invercargill.


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