Jigger racing comes to town


Jigger racing will be in Oamaru today.

With the Victorian Heritage Celebrations just around the corner Tourism Waitaki marketing manager Ian Elliott decided to promote the transportation theme with a jigger race.

“It’s just going to be a bit of fun at this stage with a few teams taking part, but if it goes well we will look at doing something to do with Jigger racing in next year’s celebrations.”

The idea came up after Mr Elliott took part in it during his time working in Timaru.

“It was great fun then and I’m sure it still will be now.”

Just a few teams will be taking part in the event tomorrow with it just being a trial run at this stage.

Teams will have three people and they have to get the jigger to the other end and back, it will be more of a time based exercise with teams estimating how long it will take them.

There will be a brake operator in Harry Andrew.

The Jigger racing will take place on a 50m piece of track between Steampunk HQ and the Woolstore.

It begins at 1:30pm

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