Taieri Gorge Railway train on its way back to town


Some fathers could receive a train ride as their Father’s Day gift on Sunday, September 7, when the Taieri Gorge Railway brings a train to Oamaru for the second year running.

The train was a popular attraction last year, with close to 350 people jumping on board for a trip from Oamaru to Dunedin and back.

With last year’s trip providing such a good response from Otago people, Taieri Gorge Railway business development and improvement manager Toby Mann said they did not hesitate to organise another train for Oamaru.

“From the response of last year, we knew it would be something that we could definitely do again this year and get a positive response for.”

Mr Mann said the Taieri Gorge Train was a popular attraction and more of these trips could occur in the future.

“Oamaru is a good market for us and we want to make sure that we try and get up there as much as possible. We class the trip up there as a training exercise, but if we can do it more often, then it won’t need to be classed as a training exercise.”

The train will depart the Taieri station at 8am and arrive in Oamaru at 11.30am, stay for three hours and leaving at 2.30pm.

While at this stage, the tickets only cover fares there and back, there may be extras.

“We haven’t decided yet but we are certainly in the process of looking for more things to add to the trip, such as a bus ride to the penguin colony.”

Mr Mann said tickets for the September 7 train trip officially went on sale yesterday.


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