Oamaruvian to return to Antarctic


Oamaru Antarctic enthusiast and historian David Harrowfield will be heading on another trip to Antarctica at the end of this week.

Dr Harrowfield will be sailing to Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic Islands for one month on the Spirit of Enderby as a staff member with Heritage Expeditions for the sixth time on January 11.

During the trip he will be holding lectures for passengers on the history of exploration and conservation in Antarctica as well as creating a passenger log and helping out with other tasks.

Last year he went on two consecutive one month trips but decided to only go for one this year as he wanted other people to have the same opportunity he’s had.

Dr Harrowfield has been to Antarctica more than 40 times since his first expedition to the southern continent as a field assistant in the 1970s.

“It’s become part of my life since I first went south in the 1974 season.”

Each trip has been special as all of them have been very different experiences, he said.

“Every trip I’ve seen something that’s provided a lasting memory.”

The historian said this may be his last trip with Heritage Expeditions but did not want to rule out another one.

Even if it was, he would definitely go back to the Antarctic at least once more as he had some “unfinished business”.

Visiting Ernest Shackleton’s burial place in South Georgia would be a nice end to his Antarctic experiences, he said.

“That’s one place I really want to go.”

Dr Harrowfield has had a long-standing interest in Antarctica, which started when he was at Canterbury University.

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