Bring home the bacon for Valentine’s Day


People from as far away as Nelson have been queuing up to smell the sizzling of bacon roses that have been created by two local women.

Waitaki Bacon and Ham’s Sue Morton has teamed up with Jonell’s Florist to create bacon bouquets as a quirky treat for Valentine’s Day.

Mrs Morton said she came up with the idea as a way to do something different on the most romantic day of the year.

She experimented with the idea last year but made more this year and sold several bouquets and single bacon roses to people around the South Island, with one going to lucky lovers in Nelson.

They hoped to work on the logistics and the process in order to make more to be sold as gifts for next year, she said.

“They just look great. It’s designed for both genders.”

“A woman can give it to a guy and vice versa.”

This year, they were giving away a pack of bacon with each one so the bouquet could be savoured for a bit longer, Mrs Morton said.

“They can enjoy the bouquet and eat the bacon.”

However, those wanting a more traditional Valentine’s Day had been getting non-bacon roses at Jonell’s Florist for the last few weeks.

Jonell’s Florist owner Jonell Johnson said the roses had been good this year and they had sold about 300 altogether.

“People can write a quirky message or even propose.”

“It’s a lovely time of the year and we all enjoy it.”

By Ruby Harfield

Photo: Jonell Johnson, of Jonell’s Florist and Sue Morton, of Waitaki Bacon and Ham, have put a new take on the traditional rose by making bacon bouquets for Valentine’s Day. PHOTO: RUBY HARFIELDSneakers StoreNike Shoes, Clothing & Accessories