Cruickshank ‘helps with people’s pain’


When Kelvin Cruickshank began communicating with those who had died at a young age, he thought it was normal.

“Maori warriors were outside my windows,” he said.

“Of course it scares you.

“But I thought everyone could [see them] so that was the problem.”

Cruickshank was in Oamaru on Saturday, with his Soul Food show.

The bottom floor of the Oamaru Opera House was sold out and Cruickshank said Oamaru’s show was full of beautiful moments.

“There was a young girl at the start of the show that was murdered,” she said.

“It was a powerful moment for me.”

Cruickshank has been touring for about nine years now.

“It’s really hard to stand up in front of an audience without a script,” he said.

“And you’ve got to be natural.”

He said through his shows, he is able to help with people’s pain.

“There were a few tears which is a good thing and a few laughs which is good too,” he said.

“We always feel welcome down these parts.”

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