German tourists stranded


A trip to see the yellow-eyed penguins on Tuesday night become costly for German tourists Adrian Laule and Kevin Solert after their van broke down.

The pair, who are from Heidelberg, were busking outside Countdown yesterday in the hopes of raising enough money to fix their car so they could continue their road trip of the South Island.

“We went to view the penguins and went to go for dinner but the van didn’t start,” said Mr Laule.

Mr Solert said they expected to be in Oamaru for another week, but it was vital they were in Christchurch by November 17.

“They guessed it would be maybe the alternator or the starter motor,” he said.

“It could have been worse if we only had two days left.”

Today is their third in Oamaru and although they never planned on staying this long, Mr Laule said it was a nice town.

“We’re going to stay until our car’s fixed,” he said.

The pair, who are training to become teachers, have been travelling for two months now, and are left with no money to repair the car.

Both Mr Laule and Mr Solert are also musicians in a band called Who2Ladies so are no strangers to performing in public.

They sang a “thank you” song when talking to the Oamaru Mail, which they wrote at the beginning of their trip to thank all those who had helped them in New Zealand.

If you would like to help Mr Laule and Mr Solert, you can contact them on 021 022 56920.

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