Our Home Family find Oamaru is cooler … in every way


When the Gibson family packed up their lives in Australia, Oamaru was not their planned destination, but they certainly don’t regret their decision.

The family moved to New Zealand more than a year ago, from Townsville, north Queensland.

Jennie and Grant, along with their three children Josh, Kate and Lucie, live on a lifestyle block just out of Oamaru, which suits them perfectly.

Mr Gibson, who is a casual farm worker, is originally from the area and had always wanted to return. The family home went on the market and within three weeks it was sold. “That’s when the decision was really made,” said Mrs Gibson.

Eleven-year-old Josh said he enjoys steampunk.

“It’s just a really nice town,” he said.

“Good friends, good history, it’s a great place to be.”

Mrs Gibson says she enjoys how central Oamaru is. However, she admits the climate change has taken a bit to get used to. Are you new to North Otago? We’d love to interview you for the Our Home section. Contact Oamaru Mail reporter Jessie Waite by emailing her at jessie.waite@oamarumail.co.nz or by phoning 433 0536.

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