Warning to thieves: Leave Santa’s pants alone!


Santa had his washing out on an Oamaru clothesline recently, but some disreputable people stole his pants.

That’s the sad story Sharon Keith has to report. She told the Oamaru Mail she had hung out the chubby chap’s trousers, shirt and hat on a clothesline at her home in Wansbeck St.

However, overnight 10 days ago, some people knocked the line over and made off with Santa’s pants.

Why they’d want them, she did not know, since the pants would be too big for most people, apart from Santa.

Undeterred, Santa found an extra pair of pants which Mrs Keith has duly washed and hung on the line and they, together with Santa’s hat and shirt, have been happily flapping in breeze ever since.

“We’ve a lot of support,” she said of her special Christmas display.

“Heaps of people like it and said how disappointed they were when they heard what had happened.”

Mrs Keith said taking the pants was “anti” the Christmas spirit.


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