Wiring Santa’s pants not enough to deter vandals


Not even a gentle electric shock has been enough to deter some Oamaru vandals.

The Santa washing line in Wansbeck St, as reported in Monday’s Oamaru Mail, was subjected to even more anti-social behaviour overnight on Friday.

Santa’s pants had fluttered merrily on the line for more than a week after the first pair were stolen.

Then on Friday, Mrs Keith went away for the weekend and as an added security measure, had a small electric current running through the line.

However, the next day, Mrs Keith received a text message to say the vandals had been back and had ripped Santa’s shirt from the line.

“There’s no way they couldn’t have got an electric shock,” Mrs Keith said.

She believed the same people who had vandalised the line before were responsible for the latest incident.

Two vandal attacks were enough for her and on Sunday, Mrs Keith decided to bring the line down.

“I only wanted to do it for a bit of a laugh,” she said.


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