Big promotion for Waimate


The former owners of Waimate’s Artrio Art Cafe are writing a book about their experiences in Waimate as well as promoting the town while they holiday in Malaysia.

The three men were recently offered a stall by organisers of the Kuala Lumpur Book and Tourism Expo, which was held between January 11 and January 20.

Waimate promotions officer Donette Fargher said the trio took the offer and set up a stall to tell people about Waimate.

“They set up and funded the stall off their own back,” she said.

“We assisted by sending visitor guides and promotional DVD, but the credit goes to the boys who also designed banners, then manned the stall themselves.”

One of the men, Danny Tan, said people had shown a lot of interest in their booth.

“The Book and Tourism Expo was a great success, lots of people visiting our booth and inquiring about travelling in NZ and visiting Waimate,” he said.

The three cousins also revealed part of their book about their time in Waimate during the expo.

“A trial reading session for media and public saw an overwhelming response, which was totally out of our expectation,” Mr Tan said.

“We are now busy with media interviews while the China Press and other organisations have organised seminars in March in conjunction with the book launch.”

The book is expected to be launched on March 1 in Kuala Lumpur.

By DAVID DE LOREANSports ShoesNike