Brewing buddies . . Ryan Luckman (left), Dylan Murray and Kieran Henshaw look forward to the opening of the Abandoned Husbands Brewery. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Friendship, drive and a shared passion for craft beer are the key ingredients that will be used to create what is believed to be Waimate’s first craft brewery in 100 years.

The Abandoned Husbands Brewery will soon swing open its doors.

The brewery will be managed by mates Craig Robertson, Ryan Luckman, Kieran Henshaw, Dylan Murray, Matt Simonsen and Nick Schumacher.

Mr Robertson will be head brewer.

The men came up with the name of the brewery after a personal experience.

“It actually started when all of our wives and partners were pregnant and had kids, and were part of this mums and bubs group,” Mr Luckman said.

“The rest of us were the abandoned husbands group. Then we started brewing and ended up with this.”

Based on early experiments, Mr Luckman was optimistic the brewery would be a success.

“I think our taste sessions have gone well,” he said.

Recently, the men went to the inaugural Hops On Harbour beer festival in Oamaru.

“We were hoping to be participants this year and stallholders next year – that’s the dream.”

They hoped the brewery would officially open in May, he said.

The group was in the final stages of getting all the gear ready.

“I’d say, all things going to plan, I’d expect us to have our first brew ready in May,” Mr Luckman said.

Craft beers labelled Riwaka and Dark Matter were planned for release on the market.

Wild hops found growing nearby might be added to include a “local touch” to the beer, Mr Luckman said.

“With six of us in the group, there’s quite a wide range of flavours and tastes.”

Initially, the men began home brewing in late 2016.

It did not take long before they decided they wanted to turn their hobby into a business.

It is believed the last craft brewery in Waimate closed in 1918.Running SneakersSneakers