Historic cottage on the move


The move of the historic “Ferryman’s Cottage” from Waihao to the Bushtown Heritage Site in Waimate is under way.

The entire building was expected to be moved onto the Bushtown site in the early hours of Tuesday morning, but it was delayed due to an accident.

The roof of the cottage has since been moved to Bushtown, but the actual building has not been transported yet.

Bushtown secretary Ann Dennison said they hoped to have the building moved some time next week but were not sure when it would happen.

However, the team were “thrilled” to have the roof of the historic cottage moved to the new site, she said.

“There was a bit of preparation needed, but it went very smoothly.

“I can’t imagine how, in the old days, they would have moved something like that.”

Moving the cottage to Bushtown would ensure the building was preserved for future generations due to significant historic interest from in the cottage from families in the area, she said.

The Ferryman’s Cottage was built in 1870.

It was originally the boundary man’s cottage for the Waikakahi estate and was later used as a rest stop for people unable to traverse the Waihoa River when it was in flood.

The building was donated to the Bushtown Heritage Site by David and Faye Martin.


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