Parking fault . . . Ian Melton at his building in High St in Waimate yesterday, where a vehicle remains a week after it ploughed through it. PHOTO: DANIEL BIRCHFIELD

On August 9, a vehicle ploughed through Ian Melton’s High St building.

Sixteen weeks later, it is still there, wedged under a pile of rubble that was once a small storage area in the 140-year-old double-brick structure, which sustained significant damage in the crash.

The 80-year-old driver, who is believed to have suffered a medical event, failed to stop at the High and John St intersection and crashed through the brick wall.

‘‘I was lucky I was not in the bloody shed or I would have been killed,’’ Mr Melton said.

He wants the vehicle gone, and is becoming increasingly frustrated at a lack of progress.

The driver’s insurance company was proving difficult to get hold of, which had delayed the removal process, he said.

‘‘The whole thing has not been handled well … there just doesn’t seem to be anybody in charge.

‘‘Third party [insurance] will fix it, but they can’t get hold of them.’’

The shed was ‘‘definitely fixable’’, but damages were estimated to be as much as $35,000 now.

Mr Melton had paid for a building permit, engineering report and other fees, which he said on their own had set him back ‘‘thousands’’ of dollars.

He was also concerned about safety and security, adding that a ‘‘5-year-old could walk in’’ through the gaping hole.

He would not give up until the vehicle was removed and he could return to his hobby of fixing up classic cars and collecting vintage farming implements that were stored in the building, he said.Buy SneakersAir Jordan Release Dates Calendar