Roll up . . . Waimate Vintage Car Club captain Suzanne Anderson (left), supporters Brianna Wood (12) and her cousin Emilee Wood (7), member Barney Duff (back left), the car's former owner Paul Leonard (back right), and club chairman Steve Dyson are excited to be able to offer the 1952 Ford Prefect as a community project. PHOTO: SALLY BROOKER

A Waimate Vintage Car Club initiative aims to get the town’s young people familiar with basic car maintenance, a skill the club believes will have far-reaching benefits.
Waimate Vintage Car Club chairman Steve Dyson recently donated a 1952 Ford Prefect to the club, with the idea being to form a group of young people to help strip the car down and restore it.
Mr Dyson said he had toyed with the idea for some time.
“I’ve been trying to get something organised for the kids for a couple of years now … the high school can’t have kids coming from the school to the car club during school hours, so we’re working to have something where they could come to the club on a Saturday.”
He said they would be taught basic vehicle maintenance skills such as changing oil, replacing filters and spark clubs, and changing tyres, as well as safety aspects such as jacking a vehicle up properly.
The club had various Prefect parts that also needed work.
Mr Dyson believed it would benefit young people in the town, especially those from farming backgrounds.
“Being a country town that’s farm-oriented, they need some sort of mechanical knowledge, so hopefully we are in a position to do that for them.”
It could lead to a career path, he said.
He hoped it would also attract younger people to the club, which had about 60 members.
“Hopefully, we’ll get their parents interested too and get a few more people joining the club … we’re just doing this because we want to, and we see the benefits in the things we’re doing. There’s a lot of experience in the club and a lot of them are sitting around doing nothing, so this is good for them too.”
The club plans to hold an open day at its Harris St base on March 4.
Mr Dyson can be contacted on (03) 689-8711.Running sportsNike