Corriedale to manage own water


Corriedale ward representatives received the go-ahead yesterday from the Waitaki District Council to operate and manage four drinking water supplies within the ward.

Council passed several recommendations, which formalises a long period of consultation with Corriedale Water Group volunteers, who want a more hands-on approach to managing their water supplies.

Discussion was initiated by the group last year during annual plan rounds so they could bypass council bureaucracy (that council is required to follow when it operates and manages water supplies), so reducing overhead costs and therefore costs to consumers.

The hand-over will occur on July 1, and and includes Awamoko (Dr Helen Brookes), Kauru Hill (Ross Ewing), Tokarahi (John McCone) and Windsor (Garry McLeod).

The agreement is for a two-year period, at which time operational management will either continue with Corriedale Water, return to council or an ownership transfer will be sought.

A budget of $20,000 has been added to the 2014/15 Annual Plan to review the operation and management of the water supplies at six and 12 month periods.

Assets Group manager Neil Jorgensen said during yesterday’s meeting that council was still the owner of the water supply and was responsible for anyone working on their behalf.


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