Little change in building consents


The average price for building consent values in the Waitaki District from July 1 to December 31, 2014, is up about $10,000 from the same period a year earlier.

In 2013 the average consent value was $85,252, while in 2014 it was $95,512.

Waitaki District Council regulatory services manager Lichelle Guyan said numbers were very similar to previous years.

“Numbers for people wanting consents were very similar, with 264 consents being issued in 2013, and in 2014 a total of 263 consents were approved, while building consents are issued once fees are paid in full.”

Consents were given for various work during the year. There were 49 for new dwellings, compared with 36 in 2013, dwelling alterations 37, compared with 61 the previous year, and 10 for plumbing and drainage, the same as2013. New garages were similar, with 26 in 2014 and 28 in 2013.

Consents for heaters, new commercial, commercial alterations, relocation and new farms were all on a par with 2013.

Mrs Guyan said July was the busiest month for consents but the rest were pretty similar.

“We had a very busy July issuing building consents, but since then consents have slowed or are on par with the previous year,” she said.

Residential home consents were up on last year.

“There has been more than the usual number of bespoke architectural residential homes consented and it appears group housing has also increased. This may be influenced by the lower dairy payout.

“However, it is not uncommon for group housing numbers to slow through January and February. This time last year we had a lot of housing activity from the dairy sector in relation to conversions. We also processed consents for extra homes built by the amalgamation of dairy farms by the Craigmore group in the Windsor area.”

So far in 2015, interest has been high, hopefully leading to a strong year of consents.

“Local designers are reporting consistent good levels of interest to start the year, which will flow on to the consenting stage.

“There are a large number of projects that are progressing through the consent processing stage. Many of these are more expensive and complex projects which require wider compliance consideration. These have yet to appear on our consent granted statistics.”

Mrs Guyan said it was pleasing to note that the processing time of consents has increased.

“On a positive note, processing times have improved with 88% of consents approved within 20 working days – the average approval time last year was 12 days compared with 74% and 16 days respectively.”Buy KicksM2k Tekno