New district councillor sworn in


The newest Waitaki District councillor says she feels privileged to be a representative of the district.

After reading the formal declaration, Dr Slee signed the official document with council’s acting chief executive, Dr Thunes Cloete.

“I feel very privileged to represent Waitaki District and to have been appointed to the Ahuriri Community Board,” Dr Slee said.

Dr Slee made herself available for the position after no candidate stood in the Ahuriri ward for last year’s local body elections. She was the only nomination received after a call for candidates was made.

“I represented the Waitaki electorate on Environment Canterbury,” she said. “I know the people and the issues.”

Dr Slee said she was from “grassroots farming stock” and while both rural and urban communities had to work together she added, “I feel I have to be there for all the rural people in the district”.

Dr Slee, a former senior lecturer in education at Darwin University, lives at Otekaieke having worked at Campbell Park in 1979.

“I love it; it’s why I came back.”

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