Oamaru aviary’s future in doubt


The public have until June 4 to to make submissions on what should be done with the bird aviary in the Oamaru Public Gardens.

The aviary has been located at the gardens for many years, but with one of its buildings slowly starting to rot away on the inside, the Waitaki District Council is uncertain about its future.

Council recreation manager Erik van der Spek said the Reserves Management Plan available online was a draft and the council was seeking submissions and community views.

“The plan at this stage is only a draft, but we are looking at removing the aviary because of its age, the lack of sun it receives and its condition.”

While removing the aviary is an option, the council is open to submissions on what they should do.

“At this stage we have released the plan to gather the opinions of the public and what they think about the new and improved ideas.”

Mr van der Spek said it would cost an estimated $250,000 to build a new aviary, judging from the amount of money other councils had paid.

“We got the cost based on what Timaru and other councils have spent on theirs.”

Mr van der Spek said the council would only repair the old aviary if they felt it was a safe environment for birds.

“We have had half a dozen complaints about the state of the aviary over the last few years and we have decided something needs to be done.”

The aviary plans were not appearing on the counci’ls draft plan online but this issue has since been rectified.

Copies of the draft plan are also available at council service centres and libraries.


Should the aviary be retained? Let us know your views email us at news@oamarumail.co.nz


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