Water supplies to be upgraded


The Waitaki District Council is working on upgrading the water supplies in Hampden and Herbert to meet new health requirements.

Waitaki District Council contract engineer for water facilities Michael Goldingham said changes to the Health Act 1956 meant they needed to upgrade the supplies in these areas.

They did not have any specific details on the upgrades, as they were still working through the design and it would be likely to take more than 12 months for the upgrade to be completed, he said.

The standards needing to be met were detailed and varied but the main thing they would be working on was the level of bugs in the water, Mr Goldingham said.

The water was safe to drink and when it became unsafe, or there was a risk of this, they put in a restriction like they did in Hampden/Moeraki, Herbert/Waianakarua and Kauru Hill last week, he said.

All of the restrictions were lifted on Friday, meaning there was no longer a need to boil or conserve water in those areas, he said.

Kauru Hill and Herbert water supplies were turned off on Monday and Tuesday last week and Hampden residents were advised to conserve their water.

The water had become dirty because of the high levels of rain in the area, he said.

“It has been worse these last three or four months, with the amount of rain.

“The rivers have been quick to rise when it rains and they turn dirty really quickly.”


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