WDC has early opening to start year


The Waitaki District Council have bucked tradition.

For a number of years now the WDC have opened in the third week of January, usually around Jan 12, but this year they have gone away from tradition and decided that to best fit the needs of the community they opened for business again yesterday.

Although not all of the people at the council will be on deck, with only some of the staff required to have the building opened this week.

Waitaki District Mayor Gary Kircher said it was something which was discussed with both management and councillors.

“We decided it would be a good idea to open up to the public a week earlier than usual because most of the things the council offer are only done by us so we need people there to serve the public.”

Mr Kircher said they see it as a positive move.

“It’s definitely something we see as a positive, it means we are going to be open to the community more and be able to help.”

Some of the staff at the council weren’t able to take time off due to not being there long enough or they didn’t want to take leave right now because their partner had to work so Mr Kircher said it was a good idea to open the council building early.

“They were all pretty happy as some of the staff are already here working so we thought we’d open it earlier to make it more practical and suitable to the public.”

The main intention of opening early is to show the public that we care and are there for them if they need it because we cater for most things, Mr Kircher said.

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