Better behaviour this year at Waitaki Lakes


Waitaki District Council Lakes Camp Supervisor Simon Fox says he is incredibly happy with how things went over the New Year and Christmas period.

People from around the region flock to the Waitaki Valley area over the festive season to have fun and relax.Mr Fox said this year people were better behaved compared to last year.

“The behaviour of people this year was much better than in the past and a lot of it had to with the fact that there were less youths in the area this year, many of them decided to head over to Wanaka which was good for us.”

He said it was welcoming for families who had come to the area to relax.

“We had more families here this year and it was pleasing that there were no major issues other than a couple of small water disputes which we fixed as quickly as we could.”

Since the camps opened and began to attract people from about September, the weather during the weekends hadn’t been great, Mr Fox was pleased with the weather over the festive break.

“It was fantastic, the weather over the past few years hasn’t been great at Christmas, but this year was awesome,” he said.

Over the past couple of weeks while families had been here the Lakes had been popular with many families heading to the waters to relax.

Mr Fox said fine weather over this period is the best thing for the town.

“It’s meant everyone has been out and about and shops, cafes and the pubs have all been full of people.”

He said campers are now beginning to head back to Oamaru or the places they came from.

“People are beginning to pack up and head back to town with most of them set to go back to work, however we will welcome more people into the area although it will be about half as many as we’ve just looked after.”

On New Years Day Mr Fox emptied about 18 44 litre barrels of glass something he was happy with.

“It was pleasing to see people had used the bins provided,” he said.

By BRAYDEN LINDSAYSports brandsnike