Flooding causes problems for milk distributor


Meadow Fresh and Pam’s milk lovers may face longer waits for product if the large amount of rain in the area continues.

Shea Distributors, who deliver the Meadow Fresh and Pam’s Milk to businesses throughout the region, are hoping flooding at their building site is fixed quickly so business isn’t disrupted.

Shea Distributors manager Robbie Shea said the issue needed to be addressed quickly.

“You can see flooding is a problem, but we’d like to get something done as quickly as possible.”

If the flooding issue is not resolved soon, drivers may have to load trucks manually, which will take more time.

“It’s too deep for our drivers to drive through; we distribute the Meadow Fresh and Pam’s milk to the supermarkets, dairies, restaurants and cafes in the area and if we can’t get to our milk, it could mean bigger issues and some of these places without milk.”

Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher said it was an issue the council was going to sort out.

“I thought it had been dealt with, but it hadn’t, so it’s something I’m looking to address and get dealt with accordingly.”

Mr Kircher said the milk plant shouldn’t need to shut down.

“It won’t be closing down. It may just mean the workers and people loading the trucks will have to do it manually.”

There have been problems with flooding over recent years.

“There have been some ongoing issues with it. I thought it had been dealt with quite some time ago. I’ll be working with the people involved to see just how we can get something started,” Mr Kircher said.

Resident Hedley Houghton, who leases the building to Shea Distributors, said the flooding was being caused by piping issues.

“A little while ago, the council replaced some pipes in the area, however they used smaller ones so water from up the road is flowing down to here and then our pipes can’t handle it causing flooding.

“I just hope something is sorted quickly because we don’t want to have to get the fire engines down to continually remove the water.”

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