Blank . . . Art On Tyne owner Philina den Dulk stands by works in new exhibition "Blank" showcasing the work of local and national artists on skateboard decks. PHOTO: REBECCA RYAN

Oamaru art gallery owner Philina den Dulk is giving emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work alongside well-known artists in her new exhibition, “Blank”.

Last Friday, “Blank” opened at Art on Tyne, showcasing 26 pieces of work from local and national artists on skateboard decks.

Artists started with blank skateboard decks and transformed them into works of art.

“It’s about changing up the medium and making artists think outside the square [and] it’s challenging the purchaser to buy outside the normal square as well.

“There are no rules – so [the artists] have been able to do what they want, and it is interesting to see what they do.

“There’s a really good mix. I’m really happy with how it’s come together.”

Den Dulk, who also contributed a deck to the exhibition, opened Art on Tyne in Oamaru about five years ago.

This is the third exhibition she has held at her gallery. The brief for the first two was to create an artwork on a 25cm round wooden canvas.

She said her exhibitions were an opportunity to showcase new and well-known artists together.

“It’s taking away that stigma; that if you’re a new and emerging artist you can still be in amongst other well-known artists who have been painting for years,” she said.

Since the exhibition opened last Friday, 13 of the 26 decks had already sold.

The exhibition is open 10am to 3pm Wednesday to Saturday, or by appointment, for at least another week. Decks can also be bought via the Art on Tyne Facebook page, Designnike dunk nylon 2009 shop for sale