Grateful . . . Bowls North Otago tournament organiser Trevor Robertson (left) and Bowls North Otago president Graham Thorn (second from left) give the proceeds of the Bowls North Otago closing day tournament to Waitaki Hospice Community Trust chairman Brian Robinson and secretary Kath Mercer. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Fundraising efforts for the Waitaki Hospice Care Trust have been hampered for the past two years, due to Covid-19.

Trust committee chairman Brian Robinson said they had not been able to hold the twice-yearly collection and the annual memorial service, usually held during this month’s Hospice Awareness Week, had also been called off this year.

‘‘We’ve really cancelled everything, nobody knew what was going to happen with the traffic light system, and that sort of thing,’’ Dr Robinson.

‘‘To try and have something, we usually have the service in a seminar room at the [North Otago] Hospice Hub now, and it’s quite difficult with social distancing and masks and that sort of thing. And even for the chaplain to come up from Dunedin . . .hopefully we’ll be doing our Christmas raffle around November outside Countdown.’’

The trust is made up of nine volunteers, and the funds they raise go towards providing supplies such as urinary products, beds, alarms, and syringe pumps.

‘‘So people can have constant medication, either in their own homes, supervised by district nurses, or we loan them out to the rest-homes for them to use,’’ Dr Robinson said.

‘‘We provide money for education for nursing staff or rest-home staff . . .and we send nurses on courses and that sort of thing to gain more knowledge for hospice work.’’

Dr Robinson said the trust had been operating for about 30 years, and tended to fly under the radar.

To help with the trust’s plight, Bowls North Otago had donated the proceeds of its closing day tournament to the cause.

Eighteen triples teams from North Otago clubs took part in the April 23 tournament, which was held at Phoenix Bowling Club, and raised $1000, club delegate Trevor Robertson said.

The winning team of Bill Kingan, Bob Kingan and Dave Atkinson came from Awamoa Bowling Club.