Behind the lens . . . Photographer Chloe Lodge as captured by her 4-year-old daughter Adaline. PHOTO: SUPPLIED/ADALINE LODGE

Cattle Creek photographer Chloe Lodge is a big believer in being ‘‘a little bit brave’’.

‘‘If you’re keen, put your hand up, because the world’s a big place and there are lots of us doing lots of things these days, and I think that to be seen and heard, you have to be a little bit brave.’’

Mrs Lodge was recently announced as a Nikon New Zealand Z Creator — one of five New Zealand photographers selected to help showcase the capabilities of the new Nikon Z series cameras and lenses, nationally.

Mrs Lodge courted the attention of Nikon NZ about two years ago, when she sent them a copy of her self-published book For the Love of the Photograph. She had always used Nikon cameras for her photography, and the brand occasionally shared her work on their social media pages.

As her original Nikon camera aged, she made contact again.

‘‘I messaged them and said, ‘I would love to be part of Nikon, and I know it’s really bold’, and they said, ‘Actually, funnily enough we have been following you, ever since you sent us that book and we do love your work . . . we definitely want to bring you on board’,’’ she said.

‘‘It was totally unexpected, because I was really being cheeky and just trying to get a discount.’’

The English ex-pat moved to the Hakataramea Valley last February with Kiwi husband James and their two children, and used her photography ‘‘to elevate the every day’’.

Nikon NZ professional support manager Ken Newell said Nikon NZ Z Creators were visionary New Zealand-based photographers.

‘‘Chloe was invited to join the team in recognition of her storytelling strengths and ways she pushes her creativity.

‘‘We’re excited for the partnership with Chloe as she showcases the unique landscape and local culture of New Zealand’s South Island,’’ Mr Newell said.

Mrs Lodge said she was ‘‘very excited’’ for the opportunity.

‘‘There are lots of women who shoot similar stories to me, you know, elevating our every day, and it’s really fantastic to be recognised by a global company, to say, you know, these are stories that we want to see.’’

Camera magic . . . Chloe Lodge captures a moment with her new Nikon Z6ii and 24mm f1.8 lens. PHOTO: SUPPLIED/CHLOE LODGE PHOTOGRAPHY

The one-year creator role meant sharing the photos she takes using her new Nikon Z 6II camera, on her Instagram page @chloelodgephotographer, and Nikon NZ in turn could share her work on their social media.

‘‘I just am excited for women photographers, female creators, creative photographers to be seen and acknowledged and represented within the sphere of global photography, because it’s quite a big shift.’’

As part of the agreement, Mrs Lodge had received subsidised camera equipment, and support from the company with the transition to the new gear. Other benefits would be harder to measure, she said.

‘‘It’s one of those things that nothing could come of it, or lots of things — and you just don’t know until the journey starts.

‘‘Sometimes, when you’re an entrepreneur and when you’re on your own, your voice can only get so far. So that’s what’s really exciting, is there’s opportunity to reach more people, because I’m a big believer in pushing your creativity and being free to take the pictures you want to take, rather than feeling like you have to squeeze into any box . . . So if I can get that message to more people, and allow people to feel more creatively free, then that’s brilliant, and they fully support that message, which is fantastic.’’

Mrs Lodge also hoped the partnership would bring more attention to the Hakataramea Valley, and that it could aid her efforts to secure funding for community projects and teaching she hoped to carry out, throughout the South Island.