Rhuz developing into cartooning marvel

Marvel mash up . . . Rhuz Ani (12) has been working on a Marvel and Star Wars themed design on a desk for Oamaru cartoonist Brent Harpur.

An aspiring Oamaru cartoonist has begun working on a super project.

Rhuz Ani has been working with Oamaru cartoonist Brent Harpur for just over a year, and began designing a bench top in his Harbour St studio late last month.

Rhuz had drawn a collection of Marvel superheroes and Star Wars characters because they were both big fans, Rhuz said.

Mr Harpur said Rhuz was exceptionally talented for only 12.

‘‘I keep joking with his mum that I don’t know if I can actually teach him anything any more, because I think he draws better than I can.’’

Rhuz is following in the footsteps of his father, Judd, who is also an artist, and the one who first taught Rhuz how to draw when he was younger.

Rhuz and Mr Harpur first met each other during the Fire and Steam festival last year.

Mr Harpur drew a cartoon of Rhuz and his sister, and then Rhuz returned shortly after with a cartoon of Brent.

In his spare time, the Oamaru Intermediate School pupil also draws and writes his own comic books.

He has drawn and written Spider-Man comic books as well as creating his own characters and stories.

His original comic book, Mystic: Fallen Empire, featured a group of children who possessed mystical weapons and had to stop a corrupted villain. The ability to both write and draw the comic books was a special talent, Mr Harpur said.

‘‘It’s pretty impressive, because most Marvel comics are written by one person and drawn by another.

‘‘It’s not just drawing, he’s actually conceptualising. He’s creating all the stories and dialogue and the interactions. ‘‘He’s creating new characters.’’

Rhuz said his dream job would be to work for Marvel Comics.

Mr Harpur would not be surprised to see him achieve this goal.

‘‘[To work for] Marvel, apparently, you have to go off and do art school and art degrees and all sorts of things. I could imagine Rhuz bypassing all that.’’