Massive, challenging inflatable in pool after long wait

Wipeout . . . Waitaki Aquatic Centre coordinator Simon Terry is excited to be unveiling a new inflatable in Oamaru. PHOTO: NIC DUFF

An aquatic obstacle course inspired by a popular TV game show is the latest attraction to hit Oamaru.

The Waitaki Aquatic Centre unveiled a huge new inflatable for the pool this week.

The almost 19m-long water toy is a Wipeout-inspired obstacle course with a rope swing at the end.

Pool staff were very excited to finally have the public enjoy the new addition, Waitaki Aquatic Centre co›ordinator Simon Terry said. ‘‘It’s been a long time coming; we’ve been planning it for a long time.’’

The new attraction added some variety to the apparatus the centre already had, he said.

“It is a challenging inflatable, completely different to all our existing inflatables at the aquatic centre. It is absolutely massive in the pool and it looks like a huge amount of fun.”

The new inflatable was for children older than eight and was ‘‘by far the biggest’’ they had. To celebrate the unveiling, the centre held a pool party on Tuesday. Two smaller inflatables were set up alongside the new one, to allow the younger children to get involved as well.

‘‘Normally we’d only run one inflatable in the small pool, [but on Tuesday we ran] both our smaller ones just to give the younger kids a little bit more options as well,’’ Mr Terry said.

As the water toy was being set up, dozens were qeueing up to give it a go.

Mr Terry had never seen a queue that long for an inflatable during his time at the aqautic centre.

The Waitaki Aquatic Centre’s newest toy would be used on a rotating cycle with the others.