WBHS team top of the class

Experts . . . Lucas Harnett (left, 15) and Levi Ware(14) won the Otago Daily Times Extra Tapiri Current Events Quiz last week. Absent is Davi Vogel Brayner (15) PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

A trio of talented Waitaki Boys’ High School pupils have won a national quiz.

Levi Ware (14), Lucas Harnett and Davi Vogel Brayner (both 15) won the Otago Daily Times Extra Tapiri Current Events Quiz year 9 and 10 section last week.

The online quiz had 92 points on offer — the group scored 87 points (or 94.6%).

They beat some big schools from across New Zealand, including Aquinas Catholic College in Tauranga (2nd), Central Southland College (3rd), Cashmere High School (4th) and Otago Boys’ High School (5th). Another Waitaki Boys’ team, comprised of Noah Fifita, Luca Rogers and Jacob Yeates, placed 10th.

Levi, Lucas and Davi were given 60 minutes to compete the multi-choice quiz but finished in 32 minutes to win.

‘‘They announced all of the results on a recording and it was quite cool to hear Waitaki Boys’ High School,’’ Levi said.

The quiz had categories ranging from geography, history, and sport, to current events and New Zealand geography. The team played to its strength, and excelled in any topics that involved flags.

‘‘We found the topics — most of them — quite easy.’’

Lucas said he was rapt to win the quiz and it was a great experience.

‘‘I think it’s pretty awesome. We were up against some big schools from around the country.

‘‘It’s just another cool opportunity to take part.’’

The group did a couple of Education Perfect and Otago Daily Times quizzes in preparation, but it was a ‘‘casual’’ build-up to the event.

The top 10 will all take part in an in-person quiz at the Otago Museum, in Dunedin, next month.