Revised format for Borton Cup

North Otago Cricket chairman Peter Cameron. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

The Borton Cup begins this weekend using a revised scheduling format.

This year’s 14-round competition will involve teams playing 12 games with two byes, as opposed to the previous 10-match schedule.

This means each team will play each other twice for the first time.

North Otago Cricket chairman Peter Cameron said the new schedule was especially important after last year’s rain-affected season, in which four of the 10 games were washed out.

‘‘Particularly after last year, we lost a lot of Saturdays with weather.

‘‘It was great between Monday and Friday and then it would rain Friday night.

‘‘[The board wanted] to try and ensure that the players get more cricket or the opportunity [to play more],’’ Cameron said.

To fit in the extra two rounds, there will be a double-up weekend, when teams will play the Dick Hunt Memorial Trophy on the Friday night and then back it up with Borton Cup the next day.

The board had also put reserve days in place for semifinals and finals.

While it had not had a playoff game rained off in the last 20 years, the board wanted to be certain a result was possible.

‘‘[There is] nothing worse than playing a club competition and coming second and winning a semifinal, but not having the opportunity to win the competition because of weather.’’